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Only the Italian version of the current notices is legally binding. The translations into the other languages are provided just to help the users; however they do not have the necessary accuracy for legal purposes.

This web site https://www.keracooking.it (also called SITE) does not refer to any people of any jurisdiction in which (according to people's nationality and residence or for some other reasons) the publication or availability of the SITE are forbidden. People subject to these prohibitions must not access the SITE.

The information services provided (hereafter the Service/the Services) by this SITE are completely free. The only cost for the user is the Internet connection, which is completely on him.

The Services and their contents are provided by KERAPLAN s.r.l. (also called KERAPLAN) and by its suppliers as they appear and as simple information. The contents of Services are checked with the utmost care and diligence.

KERAPLAN explicitly excludes any guarantee, implicit or explicit, with regard to the information contained in the Service. In no case, including (without any restriction) negligence, KERAPLAN or its suppliers of contents will be liable for direct or indirect damages which could arise from the use of Services or their contents.

KERAPLAN accepts no responsibility for the contents of messages/texts video/sound which do not directly derive from it and with regard to the reliability and the accuracy of spread information, data and advertising, contained or presented as hypertextual connections ("links"), or down-loaded as data processing file within the Services offered on its SITE.

In particular KERAPLAN isn't in no way to be held responsible for the accuracy and/or legitimacy of the information according to the enforceable rules (in particular for rules concerning copy-right, morality, law and order, privacy, etc.).

Neither KERAPLAN nor its information suppliers will be considered liable for mistakes, inaccuracies and omissions in the publication of data. KERAPLAN reserves any right, without undertaking any obligation, to improve, modify or correct mistakes, inaccuracies or omissions inside the Service at any time and without notice obligation.

In no case, including negligence (without any restriction), KERAPLAN can be held responsible for any kind of damage, including (without any restriction) direct and indirect damage or extracontractual damage, even if it is explicitly informed about the possibility of damage, arising from or with regard to the access, use, services, browsing or linking to other sites, starting from KERAPLAN site.

Furthermore KERAPLAN accepts no responsibility for possible malfunctioning of the system and for damage or loss of profits that could arise from it.

KERAPLAN accepts no responsibility for possible damage caused to its users and third parties by using the Services and by any behaviour of its own users and third parties.

The user accepts therefore full responsibility with regard to any use of the Service and possible consequences that could arise in civil and criminal procedures.

Finally we remind that, as regards the regulatory texts it is impossible to guarantee that a document, available on-line, reproduces exactly an officially chosen text; therefore only the legislation texts published in the paper editions of Gazzetta Ufficiale/Bollettini Regionali are valid.

KERAPLAN accepts no responsibility for any use made by third parties regarding this work.

The name KERAPLAN, the graphics, the layout, the structure of texts/video/sound contained in this SITE as well as the technology necessary for the working of the SITE are owned by KERAPLAN, which holds all rights, unless otherwise stated. Due to the nature of this SITE, most links refer to third parties' sites, whose services are owned by the respective authors; they hold therefore all related rights.

This Service, all software parts, the Service conception and all information contained in any form are protected by copyright laws.

Users are authorised, for strictly personal use, to save, record, print and show the information and data got through the Service, provided that no notice regarding copyright or intellectual property is omitted and the contents are in no way modified or distorted. The download or the copy of material or software from the SITE does not give any right on that software or material. In no case the user is allowed to publish, transmit, distribute or reproduce in any other way any information in any form to third parties. It is also forbidden to use these data or information within economic or commercial business. The partial or full reproduction of the materials contained in the SITE is forbidden without previous written authorisation by the lawful owner of the copy and utilisation rights.

It is allowed to spread the references to the SITE and its contents just for advertising aims and the listing of the same in search engines, index site, magazines, magnetic supports and any other means of circulation. The Service in all its parts, applications and contents is of KERAPLAN's sole ownership.

Each act or attempt of tampering, or intrusion with the systems linked with the SITE will be prosecuted according to the current regulations.

All material sent to the SITE has to be considered just for information and therefore without any copyright and does not give right to any type of remuneration.

All material sent to the SITE and published on-line becomes an integral part of the SITE and therefore can be used by KERAPLAN for any aim even without indication of the author.

The user data recorded in the mailing list or arrived by e-mail are processed in an automated way with procedures strictly necessary for the working of the Service. The subscribers authorise KERAPLAN to process, insert and keep in the databank all data provided with the information form.

Subscribers authorise KERAPLAN to use those data in order to be informed about SITE initiatives. According to article 13 law 675/96, it is possible to exercise one's rights at any time, including: consultation, modification and cancellation of one's data by sending an e-mail to: info@keraplan.com

KERAPLAN is in no way linked with companies or private persons directly or indirectly mentioned as regards the information service on this SITE.

Nothing of what is contained in the SITE can be understood as an invitation, offer or recommendation to make any kind of transaction with the above mentioned subjects, whose choice as counterparty is in the unappeable opinion and liability of the site users.

The use of www.keracooking.it <https://www.keracooking.it> is valid as acceptance of the current rules and legal information.

Legal person in charge
Responsible for this SITE is KERAPLAN s.r.l.,
info@keraplan.com, tel. +39 0382 84019 whom you can address for any further information.

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