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KERAMOS was born in the Year 1971, artisan firm built for the production of tiles and accessories made of acid-proof ceramic for the realization of laboratory work-benches. For over fifteen years KERAMOS studies and develops particular ceramic mixtures for the production of large and modular work-benches.

First and unique company in Italy to produce this particular kind of material, it was also one of the first companies worldwide to adopt the single heat process with temperatures higher than 1240° C.

In the Year 1982 KERAMOS becomes KERAPLAN and develops a new innovative production chain for the production of monolithic worktops with big dimensions made of acid-proof ceramic.

During the last twenty-five years the company completely renowned its structure automating most of the productive phases of the production in accordance to the highest qualitative European standards.

The continuous evolution of the production process and the adoption of a particular criterion of choice for what concerns raw materials allowed KERAPLAN to realize a product perfectly compatible with food stuff, with excellent properties as resistance to chemicals and to deep abrasion and with the advantage to do not be a polluting agent.

At the beginning of the Year 2013 KERAPLAN realizes KeraCooking, a new range of products specifically developed and designed for industrial kitchens properly combined to INOX steel AISI 304.

The result of this combination is an absolutely innovative product able to functionally merge the peculiarities of both the materials.

KeraCooking work-tables are the result of decades of specific researches and can offer characteristics and qualities never seen in the restoration field.


Starting by the origin, the chemical laboratory is the working place where high quality and safety standards are required.

The aggressive chemicals normally used in this specific field need reliable and resistant work-benches.

For these reasons KERAPLAN proposes from more than 40 years its own acid-proof ceramic (grés stoneware), material absolutely ecologic with excellent characteristics as resistance to acids and to deep abrasion, for the creation of work surfaces used for the composition of laboratory benches and fume cupboards.


With the introduction of new production machines the industrial process referred to our grés stoneware has a low environmental impact.
The environmental policy, applied with determination, allowed KERAPLAN to reuse a large part of its production waste and generate only a minimum quantity of production scraps.

All the products realized by KERAPLAN (worktops, sinks and washing units) are made of a special grés mixture composed by clays, quartz, feldspar and other natural raw materials properly mixed and fired to a temperature of 1240°C. Furthermore, the glazing process has the purpose to increase the resistance to acids, to characterize the layout of the product and to ensure easy decontamination and disinfection of the surface.

Differently by other ceramic products available on the market, the exclusive grés stoneware produced by KERAPLAN is able to offer unique peculiarities.

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